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Value of unvaxxed sperm skyrockets!

Placing a bet on the Humanity, and the Spirit of Freedom and Truth to ultimately
Win over attempts to control our bodies and our minds

While infiltrating our governments and media, Big Pharma is a inducing mass formation trance across much of the population- they are manipulating the anxiety, fear, and loneliness of the people that they themselves largely created, and directing it towards COVID-19 and now, those who do not blindly comply with agenda- “the Unvaccinated”.

Our meaningful and provocative memes and helpful uncensored resources will reach the billions of people out there who are feeling increasingly backed into a corner with illegal restrictions and threats, and the shocking experience of watching many around them fall deeper into the mass formation trace. Our growing presence and token is like a life raft to the free reality and and free economy outside of the mass formation.

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