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A Statement for Bodily Autonomy



1) A Statement for Bodily Autonomy
The first purpose of this token is to make a statement- our bodies belongs to us, as they were designed by the creator and/or billions of years of evolutionary development.
In the absence of a life-threatening emergency or fully informed consent, nobody ever has the right to make long-term or permanent alterations to your body. This includes whether it is in the form of surgery, drugs, radiation, experimental mRNA injections, or otherwise. The right to bodily autonomy is foundational to the very existence of humanity, clearly established throughout international law and the laws of virtually all nations. This includes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Coerced and/or forced experimental mRNA injections are in violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration. If we don’t have the right to our own body, we have nothing. We find ourselves on a slippery slope towards a dystopian nightmare, where the enlightenment and advancement of human rights we have achieved thus far in history will all begin to unravel.

2) The On-Chain Vault of Suppressed Research, Articles and Videos
The second purpose of this token is to ensure the continuity of free speech and access
to scientific and health-related information that considered taboo and forbidden because it does not fit nicely into the agenda of the pharmaceutical establishment. We are building an immutable ledger on the blockchain of critical information, including whistleblower leaks, published research and banned videos from our heroic front-line physicians, PhD. researchers, lawyers, and others who are not beholden to the pharmaceutical narrative. This will provide a safe place to send information, and ensure that these extremely important resources will never be silenced or lost.

3) The Underground Network of Health Freedom
The third purpose of this platform is to provide a underground network of resources and connection for all individuals who are becoming increasingly ostracized and punished by society for not falling in line with the pharmaceutical agenda and taking their experimental injection. This includes building alternative non-discriminatory versions of popular apps for dating, friends, hospitality, professional services, and more. It will include the natural development of a blockchain platform community where people can find others who have not fallen in line with the agenda. Here, we can share information and work together to ensure the development of the resources and infrastructure that will be needed for us to be safe and free outside of their discriminatory and dangerous systems. This can include sustainable homesteading, survival skills, trade networks, homeschool groups, alternate businesses, and alternate health and medical providers.

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