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The Last Stand For Freedom

NuBTC- The Trojan Horse Meme Token and Decentralized Platform of the Resistance

The Last Stand For Freedom

All over the world, people are met with shame and anger if they even ask a question about the injection, or talk about natural immunity or any of the other resources we have to face the pandemic, including sunlight, nutrition, and off-patent medicines.

Big Pharma has infiltrated our governments, universities, and media, to launch a psychological warfare campaign- create deep terror in our hearts, and then show us the one Final Solution- compliance with a never-ending array of experimental injections. Anyone who has any questions or information that does not blindly fall in line with the agenda, is to be dehumanized, blamed for putting us all in danger, and separated from society

In contrast to situations we have seen like this before, they now have the technological and media capabilities to to orchestrate this on a global scale. But now we, also unlike before, now have these capabilities as well- we can independently research and evaluate scientific and geopolitical information, even if they are burned books and banned videos, and we can talk to each other and work together, even when we come from vastly different places and speak different languages.

We can now issue our own sovereign “crypto” currencies, that grow in adoption based on demand and purpose. We have seen what happens when people rally behind the “meme”, the face of a token- two tokens whose statement is a cartoon image of a dog have surpassed $35 billion in market cap. Our token has a meme that is far more provocative and taboo, and a statement that is unprecedented, and far more exciting and meaningful than a cartoon dog.

This is a Trojan Horse to ‘virally’ make a statement of Resistance to coerced and forced “vaccines”, and to make a last stand for Individual Freedom, that cannot be censored, and for which nobody can be shamed or punished.

A key tactic in their psychological warfare is to make you feel like everyone else is going along with taking this experimental drug and everyone else is happy to do whatever they are told by the pharmaceutical agenda, so you are the odd one out for not complying.

With nuBTC, anyone can make their statement anonymously, without having to risk shame, punishment, and consequences to their family from the agenda gatekeeper NPCs all around them, for speaking up. We are building a community where everyone can feel safe and free to ask questions and to express themselves, in telegram platform and beyond. We are building a network so that we can help wake up whoever we can, while simultaneously coordinating resources and infrastructure to make sure that we can all live, safe and free, outside of the discriminatory and dangerous systems of the Agenda.


PURPOSES OF THIS PLATFORM 1) A Statement for Bodily Autonomy The first purpose of this token is to make a statement- our bodies belongs to us, as they were designed by the creator and/or billions of years of evolutionary development. In the absence of a life-threatening emergency or fully informed consent, nobody ever has the right to make long-term or permanent alterations to your body. This includes whether it is in the form of surgery, drugs, radiation, experimental mRNA injections, or otherwise. The right to bodily autonomy is foundational to the very existence of humanity, clearly established throughout international law and the laws of virtually all nations. This includes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Coerced and/or forced experimental mRNA injections are in violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration. If we don’t have the right to our own body, we have nothing. We find ourselves on a slippery slope towards a dystopian nightmare, where the enlightenment and advancement of human rights we have achieved thus far in history will all begin to unravel. 2) The On-Chain Vault of Suppressed Research, Articles and Videos The second purpose of this token is to ensure the continuity of free speech and access to scientific and health-related information that considered taboo and forbidden because it does not fit nicely into the agenda of the pharmaceutical establishment. We are building an immutable ledger on the blockchain of critical information, including whistleblower leaks, published research and banned videos from our heroic front-line physicians, PhD. researchers, lawyers, and others who are not beholden to the pharmaceutical narrative. This will provide a safe place to send information, and ensure that these extremely important resources will never be silenced or lost. 3) The Underground Network of Health Freedom The third purpose of this platform is to provide a underground network of resources and connection for all individuals who are becoming increasingly ostracized and punished by society for not falling in line with the pharmaceutical agenda and taking their experimental injection. This includes building alternative non-discriminatory versions of popular apps for dating, friends, hospitality, professional services, and more. It will include the natural development of a blockchain platform community where people can find others who have not fallen in line with the agenda. Here, we can share information and work together to ensure the development of the resources and infrastructure that will be needed for us to be safe and free outside of their discriminatory and dangerous systems. This can include sustainable homesteading, survival skills, trade networks, homeschool groups, alternate businesses, and alternate health and medical providers. OUR CURRENT SITUATION Pharmaceutical Industry- Their Subversive Infiltration of Society We are already experiencing a “chilling effect”. The agenda involves dividing people into groups and framing the language such that whether or not an individual got the injection becomes part of their identity- (“We are vaccinated. They are unvaccinated”.) It is becoming increasingly taboo and forbidden to ask any questions or have any reasonable conversation about “the vaccine”. Discussion of any of the other important resources we have to help during this pandemic, such as sunlight, exercise, nutrition, human connection, and repurposed off-patent drugs, is increasingly frowned upon. Heroic and internationally recognized front-line physicians and researchers, such as Dr. Pierre Kory, founder the FLCCC, and Dr. Peter McCullough, Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Michigan-trained Epidemiologist, are being threatened by the pharmaceutical establishment, and censored and suppressed by the media, even on platforms like YouTube. Pfizer is leading Big Pharma in a subversive campaign, that is similar in many ways to what we have seen before from others, such as the tobacco and oil industries, but much grander in scale. In 2009, Pfizer paid $2.3 billion in the largest health care fraud settlement in history. They illegally promoted four drugs, including Geodon and Lyrica, which can have long-term psychiatric effects and are often given to children, who are only crying out for help with emotional and/or physical pain, and submitted false claims for uses that were not medically indicated. They regularly paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe those, as well as other, drugs. Facing A Global Pandemic- A Monolithic Focus on an Experimental Injection In order to avoid such nuisances, Big Pharma has now infiltrated the mainstream media, the universities, and the government health agencies and judicial infrastructures, using a powerful blend of tactics that includes financial, psychological, and logistical manipulation. They then advanced this sophisticated web of manipulation upon society as a whole. They have taken advantage of deep fear about the pandemic to induce a mass trauma-based trance in the people. We are seeing an unprecedented and bizarre singular focus on these ‘vaccines’, instead of a comprehensive dynamic approach to health, preventative measures, early treatment, and critical care. As a result, billions of innocent people caught in the crossfire of this web, who simply trusted their doctor and their mainstream media, are not receiving the objective information and the comprehensive care that they deserve, and many of them are unnecessarily suffering, and dying, all alone. Once an individual recovers from COVID-19, they have a robust and dynamic immunity to all strains- they cannot become infected or transmit it again. Administering mRNA vaccines to these individuals provides zero benefit and an unknown amount of risk/ harm. With the long-term risks of the mRNA injection being unknown and poorly understand, the very low chances of serious COVID-19 illness in healthy individuals under age 65, and the availability of multi-modal preventative and early treatment protocols that have observed clinical efficacy rates over 99%, the risk-benefit ratio for most people is untenable for the use of this experimental injection. Initial claims that the spike proteins from the injections remain in the local injection area have proven to be dramatically false. The spike proteins quickly travel throughout the body, concentrating most heavily in the reproductive organs, and inflict harm on throughout the body in the same ways that they would if introduced by the actual virus. If someone gets the virus, their body eliminates all the harmful spike proteins within a few months, and they can never be infected with SARS-COV-2 again. If someone is receiving regular booster shots of mRNA that is colonizing throughout the body and producing ever more spike proteins, then the body will never have enough time to clear them out, and we will likely see a dramatic decline of the population into inflammatory and auto-immune disease, chronic heart conditions, and neurological conditions, that are continuously fueled by the boosters. The Hippocratic Oath and Risk-Benefit Analyses Comprehensive multifaceted approaches to prevention, early treatment, and critical care have demonstrated far greater efficacy throughout the world than the monolithic focus and reliance upon the experimental injections. Look at the data from places with low access to the vaccines like Mexico, and the Uttar Pradesh state of India- what has happened in these places with the standard implementation of just one piece of a comprehensive multi-modal approach- dispensing of ivermectin to anyone who shows potential early signs of Covid-19, and compare this data to what is happening in places like Israel, with the very highest rates vaccination and most effective intimidation and suppression of a comprehensive approach to prevention and treatment. The one-size-fits all experimental strategy of artificially inducing the indefinite (with continued boosters) production and presence of harmful SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins within the bodies of everyone may exhibit some amount of benefit for some proportion of people in the form of reduced severity of symptoms upon contracting covid-19. It also has demonstrated significant rates of harm, which would have, in any prior drug/ vaccine study in history, have far exceeded the threshold for immediately revoking its study and its chance for approval of emergency use authorization. Across the board of significant dangerous side effects, reported incidents on VAERS from the COVID-19 vaccines this year exceed those of all vaccines in history, and by conservative estimates, only about 10% of incidents actually make it into VAERS, in part because of the arduous process of submitting documentation, and because of the “chilling effect” of doctors not wanting to be shamed or lose their job, for not supporting the official narrative from Big Pharma. The vaccines have some potential amount of potential benefit, and a significant amount of risk, as well as an unknown amount of unknown long-term risks. The riskbenefit analysis appears immediately untenable for healthy individuals under age 65. There are other modalities that have demonstrated similar and greater benefit/efficacy, and have extremely well-understood risk profiles with 40+ year history. But it is unacceptable to rely on any one of these measures alone- a comprehensive multi-modal approach, such as we are presenting here, offers a demonstrably higher efficacy rate, than the vaccines, while having a fully known and profoundly lower amount of risk. Facing A Global Pandemic- A Comprehensive and Balanced Approach We call for a comprehensive approach to health and to addressing pandemics. Even if we were to go ahead with the assumption that these mRNA injections are safe, the injections should be seen as one of the tools we have to work with as part of a dynamic and multifaceted approach to addressing the virus. This means we don’t say, here just take this vaccine, and you can run around and go back to normal. This means seeing a safe vaccine as one potential tool within a diverse array of resources we have to help us with preventative measures, early treatment, and when necessary, critical care in the hospital. A dynamic and balanced approach includes staying by yourself for awhile when there are symptoms, it includes building up natural health and immunity through having access to abundant sunlight, physical activity, connection with family and friends. It includes the the use of natural supplements like thiamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Quercetin, magnesium, and zinc. It includes the use of off-patent repurposed drugs, such as ones that have indirectly demonstrated anti-viral properties such as ivermectin, and when in the hospital, IV administration of the anti-clotting agent heparin, and the anti-inflammatory steroid methylprednisolone. ( The Final Showdown The final showdown is here. With individual freedom and the future of humanity on the line, we will never give up. We will do what whatever is necessary to ensure that every individual has the right to their own body, and an open future. Feeling passionate and alive, being curious and critically thinking, feeling connection to ourselves, our bodies, to each other, and to the Earth- these things are all threats to the Agenda, but they mean everything to us. It is deeply sad and scary that we ever had to face these situations, but it is also so romantic, exciting and beautiful to be in this noble position, standing for all that is sacred- we are all in this together. We will not be divided by race, religion, ‘vaccination’ status, or any other superficial grouping- we are all human beings with inalienable rights to bodily autonomy, security of person, and an open future.

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