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Big Pharma- Directing anxiety & fear towards COVID-19.

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All over the world, people are, in different ways, experiencing loneliness, anxiety, and a longing for something more in their life.

The Big Pharma establishment is capitalizing on this- they are harnessing and directing that anxiety and fear towards COVID-19.

They are presenting the medical experiment (mRNA injection) as the one thing that can save us and make us happy again, that can make the loneliness and feelings of being trapped and treated like a prisoner, all go away.

They are labeling everyone who is not joining the medical experiment ‘The
Unvaccinated’. They are directing everyone in the mass formation to focus all their
negative feelings towards The Unvaccinated and blame this sub-human group for
making them and their families sick, for all of the suffering of pandemic and tyranny.

Most importantly, this keeps all the focus away from the real reasons why people are experiencing loneliness, anxiety, and longing.

We want to feel deep connection to our bodies, to our family and our friends, to Nature.

We want to be in a healthy environment, free to move around as we wish, with
abundant sunlight and exercise. We want to feel safe and free to express ourselves
and be listened to and to do the things we love. To work on the things we are
passionate about and have a chance to make all our dreams come true and ensure a healthy and beautiful future for our family.

These are many of the same things that are part of a comprehensive and effective
approach to preventing sickness and resolving the pandemic.

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