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Facing A Global Pandemic- A Monolithic Focus on an Experimental Injection

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In order to avoid such nuisances, Big Pharma has now infiltrated the mainstream media, the universities, and the government health agencies and judicial infrastructures, using a powerful blend of tactics that includes financial, psychological, and logistical manipulation. They then advanced this sophisticated web of manipulation upon society as a whole. They have taken advantage of deep fear about the pandemic to induce a mass trauma-based trance in the people. We are seeing an unprecedented and bizarre singular focus on these ‘vaccines’, instead of a comprehensive dynamic approach to health, preventative measures, early treatment, and critical care. As a result, billions of innocent people caught in the crossfire of this web, who simply trusted their doctor and their mainstream media, are not receiving the objective information and the comprehensive care that they deserve, and many of them are unnecessarily suffering, and dying, all alone.

Once an individual recovers from COVID-19, they have a robust and dynamic immunity to all strains- they cannot become infected or transmit it again. Administering mRNA vaccines to these individuals provides zero benefit and an unknown amount of risk/harm. With the long-term risks of the mRNA injection being unknown and poorly understand, the very low chances of serious COVID-19 illness in healthy individuals under age 65, and the availability of multi-modal preventative and early treatment protocols that have observed clinical efficacy rates over 99%, the risk-benefit ratio for most people is untenable for the use of this experimental injection.

Initial claims that the spike proteins from the injections remain in the local injection area have proven to be dramatically false. The spike proteins quickly travel throughout the body, concentrating most heavily in the reproductive organs, and inflict harm on throughout the body in the same ways that they would if introduced by the actual virus. If someone gets the virus, their body eliminates all the harmful spike proteins within a few months, and they can never be infected with SARS-COV-2 again. If someone is receiving regular booster shots of mRNA that is colonizing throughout the body and producing ever more spike proteins, then the body will never have enough time to clear them out, and we will likely see a dramatic decline of the population into inflammatory and auto-immune disease, chronic heart conditions, and neurological conditions, that are continuously fueled by the boosters.

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