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The Hippocratic Oath and Risk-Benefit Analyses

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Comprehensive multifaceted approaches to prevention, early treatment, and critical care have demonstrated far greater efficacy throughout the world than the monolithic focus and reliance upon the experimental injections.

Look at the data from places with low access to the vaccines like Mexico, and the Uttar Pradesh state of India- what has happened in these places with the standard implementation of just one piece of a comprehensive multi-modal approach- dispensing of ivermectin to anyone who shows potential early signs of Covid-19, and compare this data to what is happening in places like Israel, with the very highest rates vaccination and most effective intimidation and suppression of a comprehensive approach to prevention and treatment.

Epidemiologic analyses on Ivermectin in COVID-19

The one-size-fits all experimental strategy of artificially inducing the indefinite (with
continued boosters) production and presence of harmful SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins
within the bodies of everyone may exhibit some amount of benefit for some proportion of people in the form of reduced severity of symptoms upon contracting covid-19.

It also has demonstrated significant rates of harm, which would have, in any prior drug/vaccine study in history, have far exceeded the threshold for immediately revoking its study and its chance for approval of emergency use authorization. Across the board of significant dangerous side effects, reported incidents on VAERS from the COVID-19 vaccines this year exceed those of all vaccines in history, and by conservative estimates, only about 10% of incidents actually make it into VAERS, in part because of the arduous process of submitting documentation, and because of the “chilling effect” of doctors not wanting to be shamed or lose their job, for not supporting the official narrative from Big Pharma.

The vaccines have some potential amount of potential benefit, and a significant amount of risk, as well as an unknown amount of unknown long-term risks. The risk benefit analysis appears immediately untenable for healthy individuals under age 65. There are other modalities that have demonstrated similar and greater benefit/efficacy, and have extremely well-understood risk profiles with 40+ year history. But it is unacceptable to rely on any one of these measures alone- a comprehensive multi-modal approach, such as we are presenting here, offers a demonstrably higher efficacy rate, than the vaccines, while having a fully known and profoundly lower amount of risk.

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